Functions and Objectives


About OCEX

    Our mandate is to promote Peruvian non-traditional exports to Canada; Canadian tourism to Peru; as well as investments and joint ventures between Peruvian and Canadian companies, all under the "Peru Brand" umbrella.


  Principal Functions

* To promote non-traditional Peruvian exports, tourism, and investments to Canadian's through events, seminars, and trade shows

* To support and participate in activities related to the development of trade, tourism, investment and the Peru brand

* To facilitate the participation of Peruvian companies in international trade fairs, and the organization of missions to buy and sell               products and services for export, tourism, and investment promotion

* To carry out the monitoring and follow-up of contacts and opportunities in different activities, to promote foreign trade, investment and tourism

* To establish and maintain strategic partnerships with both the public and private sectors


Contact Information

Trade Office of Peru in Canada
OCEX Toronto

10 St. Mary St,
Suite 202
Toronto, ON
M4Y 1P9
(416) 963-5561
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